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The purpose of the PowerShell Hall of Fame is to provide a prestigious, peer-driven recognition of sustained, long-term positive contributions to the PowerShell community. While awards like the Microsoft MVP Award are important, we of the community also want to offer permanent recognition to the individuals who have done the most to move our community forward in a healthy, inclusive manner.


The PowerShell Hall of Fame is intended to be owned by the global PowerShell community. It is physically maintained by, a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity, but is organized in such a way that the global PowerShell community decides how the Hall of Fame shall operate.


Nominations to the Hall of Fame may be made by anyone, at any time. Community members are encouraged to add their own support to nominees, by leaving comments on the nomination pages. Duplicate nominations are not permitted; please support existing nominees by commenting on their page.

A person may nominate themselves, or someone else. Nominations should carefully consider the selection criteria. The nomination form is long and requires extensive information; it must be completed or it is subject to removal.

Selection Committee

Each year, a Selection Committee will be formed by asking members of the community to volunteer. will coordinate the Committee formation process, and the Committee will be formed of:

  • 2-4 prior inductees.
    An inductee may not serve on more than two consecutive committees, unless doing so is the only way to ensure at least 2 prior inductees on a committee. For the first year’s Selection Committee, 4 additional community volunteers shall be selected in lieu of prior inductees.
  • 4 or more community volunteers.
    These will be chosen randomly from a list of volunteers, typically recruited via Twitter or other social media. Community volunteers may not serve on consecutive committees. The exact number of volunteers, or a process for annually determining the exact number, has not yet been determined. Proposal: the community volunteers must equally represent North America, EMEA, AsiaPac, [other regions?] to ensure global inclusiveness and relevance.

In a year where the needed number of Committee members cannot be assembled, there will be no Selection Committee, and all nominees will roll over to the next year.

Each Committee shall appoint, by majority vote, its own Coordinator from amongst its members. The Coordinator will have no special powers, and shall be responsible for coordinating the overall Selection Committee process. The Coordinator will also assist in forming the following year’s Committee, and may not serve on that following Committee.

Selection Process

The Selection Committee shall provide their schedule at least 3o days prior to the start of their deliberations, by announcing their schedule on social media.

On the date designated by the Committee, nominations will be closed and reviewed by each Committee member. By the designated deadline, each Committee member will enter a “yes” or “no” vote for each nomination.

A nomination must have “yes” votes from a supermajority (one more than half) of the Selection Committee members. On a 6-member Committee, that requires 4 “yes” votes (one more than half).

Upon completing their voting process, the Committee will remove all nominations from the website and announce the inductees for that year. Nominees who are not inducted may be re-nominated for a later year’s consideration.


Once inducted into the Hall of Fame, inductees remain for life, unless removed for cause by a later Selection Committee. “For cause” refers to acts, independently confirmed to have been committed by an inductee, which stand to tarnish the reputation and mission of the Hall of Fame and its other inductees. Inductees may also request to be removed from the Hall of Fame at any time.

Changing the Process

The process above may evolve over time. Anyone in the community may propose a change to the process, and should coordinate with the custodian to publicize the proposed changes. In order to be adopted, a given proposal must receive support from at least 150 named members of the community at large (online petitions may be used for this purpose, provided the petition states the complete proposal and collects the identity of each supporter). Proposals must be adopted or rejected as presented; anyone proposing changes is advised to first engage the community in a collaborative process to create a proposal that garners widespread community support.